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We hand-select coffees that pair delightfully with Sweet Cheat Spoonable Monk Fruit to bring you a perfect morning cup of coffee. Or add our Sweet Cheat Velvety Hot Chocolate for an indulgent-tasting, sugar-free mocha. 

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Product Description

A complex coffee that has tropical and stone fruit sweetness, a notable citrus component and hints of sweet chocolate.

This coffee originates from Gashonga, the tiny corner of Rwanda that lies between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Burundi. The Gashonga cooperative formed in 2009 as a collective effort with 85 women coffee farmers and now has over 100 members. With the help of Sustainable Growers in the form of agricultural, management and team-building training, they have consistently improved quality and volumes year after year. Rwanda Gashonga is part of a Barista Exchange program that aims to connect women coffee producers, roasters, and baristas in Canada and Rwanda.

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