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Frequently Asked Questions

What is monk fruit?

Monk Fruit is a gourd (think tiny green pumpkin) that grows in Thailand and Northern China. It contains an antioxidant called Mogroside V which is 300X sweeter than sugar.

What are the benefits to adding monk fruit to your diet?

Studies have shown that monk fruit:

  • Has tumor inhibiting effects
  • Inhibits cancer proliferation
  • Is anti-inflammatory
  • Has anti-fatigue effects with lowered lactic acid and increased muscle glycogen in extended swim test
  • Prevents oxidative damage to DNA
  • Does not raise blood sugar

Is monk fruit safe?

Monk fruit has the same government safety rating as flour, eggs, and milk.

What is inulin fibre?

Inulin fibre is a soluble fibre found in plants such as chicory root. Soluble fibre gels once you eat it and lowers the net carbohydrates in products since it slows the absorption of other carbohydrates.

What are the benefits of adding inulin fibre to your diet?

Studies show that inulin can:

  • Decrease appetite
  • Improve gut health by feeding healthy bacteria
  • Lower cholesterol, and risk of heart disease and metabolic syndrome
  • Decrease constipation
  • Increase absorptions of calcium and electrolytes
  • Increase fibre intake which is especially low amongst low carb dieters

What can you expect when you start adding inulin to your diet?

Some users, such as those with irritable bowel syndrome, have trouble with inulin and may choose to avoid it. Some sensitive users experience intestinal discomfort, such as gas, which seems to decrease with continued use. Most people, however, have no problems when adding inulin to their diet.

Can I bake with spoonable monk fruit?

Sweet Cheat Spoonable Monk Fruit works to replace the sweetness of sugar. Sugar, unfortunately, has a bigger chemical job than simply sweetening baking, so you won’t be able to completely replace it with Spoonable Monk Fruit, unless you use one of the Sweet Cheat recipes you find here. You can use any recipe that works with stevia powder and replace it with Spoonable Monk Fruit to improve the taste. You can cut the sugar in your recipe in half and add some Spoonable Monk Fruit to replace the lost sweetness.

Are Sweet Cheat products diabetic safe and keto friendly?

Monk fruit does not raise blood sugar levels. Sweet Cheat products are low in net carbohydrates because of the high inulin fibre content. Both Sweet Cheat Spoonable Monk Fruit and Sweet Cheat Chocolate Milk have 0g net carbs, and Sweet Cheat Hot Chocolate has 1g net carbs.

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